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Oracle Lets MS, Salesforce Onto Its Cloud

Microsoft, which also could stand a boost in its cloud market share, will benefit as well, Hyoun Park, principal analyst at Nucleus Research, told the E-Commerce Times That said, it is worth noting that -- despite the outwardly bellicose relationship between CEO...


The Cure for Enterprise Information Overload

The collective intelligence of employees and the extended corporate community can transform overwhelming quantities of raw data into organizational knowledge ...


The CIO’s Guide to Business-Class Video

As the enterprise progresses toward the goal of proving fully immersive and collaborative capabilities to remote individuals, it is important to realize the value of video not only as a technological achievement, but as a practical business enhancement. ...


The CIO’s Perspective on Unified Communications

The top pressures and strategic actions identified by Aberdeen's study of Best-in-Class companies indicate that unified communications (UC) must support both internal and external business pressures. Although companies have traditionally used a bifurcated approach of external-facing contact center and internal-facing telecom deployment for employees or business-driven features versus user-driven features, this approach is increasingly irrelevant as similar communications approaches become relevant both for internal and external users.


The Power of Enterprise-Wide Brainstorming Tools

On May 3, SuccessFactors, a business execution solution, purchased CubeTree for US$20 million in stock and a $30 million cash payment, contingent on the performance of SuccessFactor's stock over the next three years. This article will analyze this purchase, provide contextual background on this deal, and provide recommendations to companies seeking to improve their corporate collaboration.


I See You: Video Collaboration in the Enterprise

On January 21, 2010, Siemens Enterprise Communications and Polycom announced a strategic alliance and global resale agreement to integrate Polycom telepresence and video collaboration solutions within the Siemens OpenScape Unified Communications (UC) environment. ...


The Video-Enabled Talent Scout

Aberdeen's August 2009 research "Talent Acquisition Strategies 2009" found that the top strategy organizations are pursuing in the area of recruiting today is to proactively build and expand a candidate pipeline regardless of current hiring needs. ...

Analysis: Veramark’s Performance Advisor for Telecom and IT Expenses

This article draws on two discrete data sets: BI deployments of over 270 respondents in Aberdeen Group's April 2009 benchmark report, Moving Past Spreadsheets: What You Need to Know about BI Deployment Strategies; and the telecom lifecycle management solutions of 140 respondents in the March 2009 benchmark report, Telecom Lifecycle Management: The C-Suite Guide to Saving Millions in Corporate Costs.


Clamping Down on Enterprise Wireless Expenses

"Wireless expense management is a specialized, often-overlooked set of processes and technologies that can help save a company money in its wireless bills," said Hyoun Park, research editor in technology markets at Aberdeen Group. One way companies have found they can save money is by scheduling regular inventory and billing audits. This allows companies to gain visibility into their inventory and the line items that are being billed. "If you don't audit your inventory regularly, you risk losing track of an ever-expanding list of assets and services," said Park. "Especially as we've seen the number of smartphones increase throughout business."


Managing Enterprise Mobility Madness

Best-in-Class organizations outsource a number of device management and support capabilities to a far greater extent than their Industry Average and Laggard counterparts, "allowing them to focus internal resources on their core competencies while providing more efficient mobile support in a number of areas," said Hyoun Park, research editor for telecom lifecycle management at Aberdeen Group...


Enterprise Videoconferencing: Business Tool or Business Toy?

By looking carefully at the technological, environmental and cultural changes required to fully take advantage of the power of video and telepresence, the full story of how companies can successfully implement this technology is being revealed. Based on a survey of over 150 executives for the November report, "Being in Two Places at Once: Telepresence and Videoconferencing," Aberdeen is uncovering how successful implementations of telepresence occur in the enterprise workplace.

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