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What Is World-Class IT Support?

Aberdeen surveyed 240 users and managers of IT support to find out how organizations in this new world can ensure that workers are productive and customers enjoy their products. The 107 support managers who responded to Aberdeen's survey ranked the metrics they use to evaluate their IT support staff on a scale from one to five, where 1 was the highest priority and 5 the lowest.


The Secret Ingredients of a Best-in-Class Contact Center

Based on the findings of the Competitive Framework and interviews with end-users, Aberdeen's analysis of the Best-in-Class demonstrates that the success of the contact center strategy depends on a combination of specific capabilities and technology enablers. ...


Higher Learning, Higher Speed: Campuses Graduate to 802.11n

In the March 2010 Aberdeen benchmark report "Multi-Site and Campus-Area Wireless LANs: Advantages of the Centralized Approach," 163 institutions were surveyed regarding their use of multi-site and campus-area ("non-site-contiguous") wireless local area networks (WLANs). ...


Big Wireless on Campus: Lowering the TCO of University Networks

Aberdeen's May 2009 report "Wireless LAN 2009: From Network of Convenience to Critical Infrastructure" described the progress that the Best-in-Class had made from transforming their WLAN from a casual network overlay to that of core IT infrastructure. ...


Mining the Contact Center for BI Gems

The use of analytics in contact centers enables management to extract critical business intelligence that would otherwise be lost. ...


The CIO’s Guide to Business-Class Video

As the enterprise progresses toward the goal of proving fully immersive and collaborative capabilities to remote individuals, it is important to realize the value of video not only as a technological achievement, but as a practical business enhancement. ...


The CIO’s Perspective on Unified Communications

The top pressures and strategic actions identified by Aberdeen's study of Best-in-Class companies indicate that unified communications (UC) must support both internal and external business pressures. Although companies have traditionally used a bifurcated approach of external-facing contact center and internal-facing telecom deployment for employees or business-driven features versus user-driven features, this approach is increasingly irrelevant as similar communications approaches become relevant both for internal and external users.


Different Strokes: One Multi-Site WLAN Does Not Fit All

For the upcoming March 2010 Aberdeen benchmark report, Multi-Site and Campus-Area Wireless LANs: Advantages of the Centralized Approach, 163 organizations were surveyed regarding their use of multi-site and campus-area ("non-site-contiguous") wireless LANs (WLANs). ...


Managing Enterprise App Performance With an Iron Fist

Aberdeen surveyed over 100 organizations between December 2009 and February of 2010 to identify the best practices enterprises are using that improve application performance management solutions' impact on end-user productivity and the business benefits of a "lifecycle" approach to application performance management. The research results reveal that Best-in-Class enterprises focus on a holistic approach to application performance management to reduce the time to identify and resolve critical application performance issues. The research also reveals that increases in the speed to identify and resolve problems raises application availability and delivers a clear return on investment for application performance management solutions.


Mobile Enterprise Strategies: We’re All in This Together

As organizations enter 2010, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide mobile devices to employees and expect concrete business value to somehow magically appear. ...

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