Software Company Offers Online Traders a Hand

Citing the extreme volatility and fast pace of today’s stock market,, Inc. is now offering online investors a software program that will help them avoid critical mistakes. The program, called the Position Cost Averaging 2000 stock investing system, utilizes built-in mechanisms that prevent users from making unwise or impulsive moves.

The software “is programmed to buy on price dips and sell into rallies, systematically trading around a core position,” says. When a stock price meets the criteria for a buy or a sell, the program alerts the user to make a trade, but it does not automatically register trades for the user. The Internet and computer-based program is designed for use by online traders as well as traditional investors. While the program suggests its version of optimum trades, the user can override those recommendations with actual trade data to use the program for portfolio management as well as a source of trading advice.

PCA 2000 generates strategic buy and sell signals on stocks the user selects, indicating when to trade and exactly how many shares to trade. The program, a spreadsheet that works with Microsoft Excel programs, tracks downloaded stock prices and allows the user to import historical stock quotes from Yahoo! to back-check a stock’s recent trading history. Users can also fine-tune the system to perform under almost any market conditions and can change the variable inputs in the program’s stock picking formula based on the user’s knowledge or preferences for particular stocks.

Fine-Tuning Stock Holdings

The program was designed for long-term investors, giving them an automated way to take advantage of quick market fluctuations by alerting them when market activity calls for a new trade, based on the user’s programmed trading formula. “Watching the erratic behavior of your share prices can be nerve-racking enough, but doing so without a plan in place can be downright painful,” Director of Operations Doug Newberry said. is also building a System User’s Group on its web site to give traders a place to get more information and share their experiences. That section of the site will include stock research tools and various discussion forums.

Prototype Already in Use

Company President Bill McKinley said that investors are already using a prototype of the program to make quick profits from Internet stocks by trading in short cycles. That version has been in use in 25 countries for the past two years, yielding user feedback that was put to use developing the new version. The software sells for $129 (US$) retail, including a data link provided by Current registered users of the prototype can buy PCA 2000 for $29.

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