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CES 2021: What Worked, What Didn’t

To select the best session, I looked for content that most of us need right now, professional execution, and competence. Of the sessions I saw -- and I saw more sessions than ever before thanks to this show being virtual -- the best was "Home as the New Headquarters." This event was moderated by my old co-worker Brian Cooley and Paul Lee from Deloitte LLP, Jennifer Kent from Parks Associates, and Megan Wollerton from CNET Home.


Smart Homes Meet Connected Cars: X Marks the Spot

Several factors have contributed to the sudden expansion of connected car services available or coming to the market, most notably the expansion of mobile broadband networks, high penetration of smartphones in the consumer market, and auto manufacturers' re-evaluation of connected services as a competitive advantage and means to generate new revenues...


Trust and Value Will Bring IoT Home

The connected car and smart home markets are both at an early stage of development, but in many ways they have been growing in parallel. Both markets are enabled by the falling costs of sensors, networking technologies and data, as well as by expanded cloud services, the mass penetration of smartphones, and consumer demand for the connected lifestyle.

Flipboard Goes Catalog Crazy

Generating more revenue from those advertisers falls in line with the company's overall strategy, said Jennifer Kent, senior analyst at Parks Associates "Flipboard is falling back on its existing business model of selling full-page ads at a much higher rate than traditional ba...

eBay Snags Braintree’s Mobile-Payments Brain Trust in $800M Buy

"eBay's acquisition of Braintree complements the expansion of PayPal into the mobile payment space," said Jennifer Kent, a senior analyst at Parks Associates. "PayPal is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing mobile payments ecosystem, with high consumer awareness of and trust in the PayPal brand."

Microsoft’s $100 Surface Pro Discount May Not Mean Much

"The price cut to the Surface RT will be permanent -- it simply hasn't sold well and has serious problems with its OS," said Jennifer Kent, senior analyst at Parks Associates. However, Microsoft apparently is positioning the price cut on the Surface Pro as a temporary back-to...


Who’s Who in the Tablet Market Melee

Nearly three years have passed since Apple first introduced its iPad, and the company still enjoys the largest market share in this space. This statement may seem a natural conclusion because Apple almost single-handedly reinvigorated this product category; however, creating a market does not guarantee a sustained monopolistic hold. This nascent market got crowded very quickly.


Mobile Carriers Could Lose Premium Services Game

Mobile network operators are investing enormous sums into their next-generation LTE networks out of necessity, and with the release of the iPhone 5, with 4G/LTE capability, operators are under even greater pressure to offer LTE services in order to stay competitive. ...


Mobile Data Usage Exploding, Monetization Asleep at the Wheel

Innovations in wireless technology have made mobile Internet capabilities common and popular features on numerous portable consumer devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and e-book readers. ...

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