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Giving Mobility a Seat at the IT Table

Enterprise mobility has matured past the point of early market penetration and the prototypical early adopters. ...


Mobile BI: Actionable Intelligence for the Agile Enterprise

The global economic downturn may have slowed, but it is not over. Yet in some respects, it appears more of a global restructuring than simply a global slowdown. It has already substantially realigned markets and galvanized economic changes that were nascent before the recession. ...


The Enterprise in Motion

All mobile software applications ("apps") are not created equal. ...


Higher Learning, Higher Speed: Campuses Graduate to 802.11n

In the March 2010 Aberdeen benchmark report "Multi-Site and Campus-Area Wireless LANs: Advantages of the Centralized Approach," 163 institutions were surveyed regarding their use of multi-site and campus-area ("non-site-contiguous") wireless local area networks (WLANs). ...


Big Wireless on Campus: Lowering the TCO of University Networks

Aberdeen's May 2009 report "Wireless LAN 2009: From Network of Convenience to Critical Infrastructure" described the progress that the Best-in-Class had made from transforming their WLAN from a casual network overlay to that of core IT infrastructure. ...


A Spring of Mobile Melodrama

This has been a busy couple of months for Enterprise Mobility. 2010 isn't half over, and there are already significant changes in the Enterprise Mobility landscape: ...


Different Strokes: One Multi-Site WLAN Does Not Fit All

For the upcoming March 2010 Aberdeen benchmark report, Multi-Site and Campus-Area Wireless LANs: Advantages of the Centralized Approach, 163 organizations were surveyed regarding their use of multi-site and campus-area ("non-site-contiguous") wireless LANs (WLANs). ...


Mobile Enterprise Strategies: We’re All in This Together

As organizations enter 2010, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide mobile devices to employees and expect concrete business value to somehow magically appear. ...


Web Site Performance: When Seconds Count

It is time to talk about the changing role of Web sites in business. They are no longer simply online calling cards and repositories of marketing collateral. They've become the heartbeat of the organization, the public face, the online portal for employee and partner access. They're evolving to multi-function application hubs, interactive global mash-ups combining internal and external data and content, melded into a unified user experience...


Secure, Real-Time UC: Safe Connections While on the Move

Unified Communications (UC) holds enormous promise as a coherent, integrated approach to incorporating the full spectrum of business communications modalities, and as direct path to cut through "communications clutter" resulting in accelerated time-to-action. It also offers a cost-effective way to more directly connect the company to its customers, employees to employees, and more tightly bind business partners and suppliers. In the September 2009 Aberdeen Report "Unified Communications: Gaining a Competitive Advantage While on the Move," reducing human latency (the time delay in initiating and reaching a contact) was revealed as a key benefit of UC, resulting in measurably increased efficiency and improved customer intimacy.


Mobile Software Firm Strikes While the Market Is Hot

On June 10, Antenna Software completed the acquisition of Dexterra for an undisclosed amount, solidifying its position as a key player in the mobile middleware/platform space, with a sharpened focus on field force enablement. This market grab comes on the heels of Antenna's acquisition of Vettro's strategic assets in November 2008, a move that was made to increase market share in the IT service management and local transportation verticals.


Enterprise Mobility: An Investment That Works Harder, Smarter

The enterprise demand for mobility has remained steady and even increased, despite budgets for mobility initiatives being cut during the current global economic downturn, according to a new Aberdeen Group study "More Mobility -- Less Budget: Enterprise Strategies in the Current Economic Downturn." ...


Managing Enterprise Mobility Madness

"The enterprise has found it crucial to adopt mobility into basic operations and communications wherever feasible," said Andrew Borg, senior research analyst for Wireless and Mobility at Aberdeen Group Even in the last year, businesses have increasingly adopted smartphones int...


Enterprise Mobility and Collaboration: A Better Work/Life Balance

A study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks company, determined that Best-in-Class organizations were able to leverage their investments in mobility to drive significant improvements in customer satisfaction, workforce productivity, and employee retention ...

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