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Google Might Gain on Ad Sales, IPO Firms’ Analysts Say

Shares of Google, the world's most-used Internet search engine, may continue to rise as the company boosts advertising revenue, research analysts at securities firms that underwrote Google's public offering said after they were cleared to publish reports on the company. Google, whose shares are up 4...


Hollinger Sells Telegraph to Barclays

Hollinger International sold the Telegraph newspaper and related assets to Britain's Barclay brothers Friday for $1.3 billion, the Independent said Friday.


Record High for Crude Oil

The price of crude oil hit a record high of 43 dollars per barrel Wednesday in the NYMEX futures' market. Trading prices dropped again to 42.85 dollars but remained above previous record of 42.45 dollars per barrel, set on June 2. Wednesday's top price, asked for oil to be delivered in September, wa...


Prince Charles Attacked for Opinions on Nanotech

The British scientific establishment responded with anger Monday to an attack by Prince Charles on nanotechnology -- applied science involving tiny particles. Fertility expert Robert Winston described as "very unfortunate" Charles' renewed attack over the weekend in which he suggested using the tech...

Patent Sought for Messages from Grave

Application for a U.S. patent has been filed by a California man for his system that allows the dead to speak from their tombs, New Scientist reported Thursday. Robert Barrows of Burlingame has devised a hollow headstone fitted with a flat LCD touch screen. It also houses a computer with a hard disc...

Network Associates Closes Up on Microsoft Bid Talk

The chief executive of Network Associates quashed speculation Tuesday that his company is in talks to be acquired by Microsoft, cutting into earlier gains made by the stock, which still managed to close up nearly 4 percent. Shares in the Santa Clara, California-based company ended off their best lev...

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