New Site Turns Table On For Sale Ads

A new Web site launching Monday hopes to become the online version of the old “wanted to buy” classified ads. is a site that acts as a posting place for buyers to list descriptions of items they are seeking. The site is designed to eliminate the shopper’s need to search multiple sites for a product. At the same time, it gives sellers a way to be more proactive — they can log onto and look for shoppers they want to sell their products to, rather than waiting for hits to their Web sites.

“Time is the world’s most precious commodity. There is nothing more frustrating for a buyer than to spend hours researching information regarding a good or service he or she seeks, only to find that the item is unavailable. On the converse, sellers are equally as frustrated dealing with uncertain or hesitant buyers who may be uninformed and unqualified,” said Founder and CEO Shabbier Doha.

Always In Stock

The service will also save shoppers time by ensuring that a product the shopper is ready to buy is available, Doha says. Instead of selecting a product or service on an Internet site and then finding out the product is out of stock, puts retailers in contact with buyers to offer only what they have available. Buyers can remain anonymous, reachable only through, to prevent unwanted solicitations in the future. does not get involved in the actual transaction, though once the buyer and the seller are put in touch with each other, they can continue to communicate through the Web site to complete the transaction. will also solicit and track feedback from customers on the businesses they buy products from via the Web site. “The more someone does business through, the better a picture you’ll get of their trustworthiness and honest trade practices,” the company says on the site. “Consistently bad feedback will get a person removed, no questions, no appeals, because protecting our community is key to its success, as well as the success of all our buyers and sellers.”’s services are free, but the company says it may change its mind in the future. “We may in our sole discretion add, delete or change some or all of our services or fees at any time,” the company says on the Web site. is a private company based in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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