Net-mercial Squeezes More Ads onto Internet

It may be starting to look like advertising is taking over some Web sites, with traditional ad banners and jazzy new pop-up windows with rotating marketing messages closing in on the actual content space of most pages. That has not stopped from searching for new places to squeeze in some more ads.

The new Net-mercials fill the time between loading of Web pages with more than just blank space. The ads are the product of what Net-mercial says is super-speedy technology that loads the ads faster than standard Web pages load. The concept is similar to putting an audio commercial on a telephone line in place of hold music, so the caller hears a commercial while waiting for someone to pick up the phone. With Net-mercials, Web surfers view commercials while waiting for a page to load.

How it Works

Each Net-mercial is displayed in a black frame that looks like a TV screen to draw the user’s eye to the content shown on the screen. With a timer, the “TV” lets the user know it is only a temporary ad that will expire in a few seconds or when the Web site is loaded. Net-mercial says its ads typically load in three seconds or less, giving the ads several seconds of exposure time before the page appears. The ads can be static and animated and can include audio and video.

“We are at a time where an online advertising alternative is needed as an answer to what advertisers and consumers want,” CEO David Lamb said. “Consumers are looking for more control of the ads and advertisers are looking for effectiveness.”

Consumer Friendly?

The consumer control over the ad sets Net-mercials apart from today’s typical banner ads, the company says. Included with the TV-like viewing screen is a set of buttons that allow the viewer to pause and play the commercial, request more information, print the ad, watch it through its full playing time or close it early. The audio and video portions of Net-mercials do not need special plug-ins to run, the company added., of Orem, Utah, is privately held. Net-mercial is its first product.

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