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The Multichannel E-Commerce Path Out of the Recession

In the midst of the U.S. economic crisis, cautious spending and downsizing have left the retail industry in dire straits. The Commerce department recently reported that retail sales continued to fall in March -- down 1.1 percent from February's sales figures. March 2009 saw a 9 percent decline compared with March 2008. ...


Stop Giving Your Customers Reasons to Leave

Most retailers experience a downturn in a weak economy. As consumers rein in spending, a downturn is usually not distributed equally among all retailers. The extent of the downturn depends on a number of factors, including geographic location of stores, product categories being sold and specific market segments. In order to survive a tightening economic climate, retailers must focus on their short- and long-term objectives...


Harnessing the Power of Cross-Channel Retail

Innovative retailers are breaking new ground through the use of cross-channel technologies. These companies are setting the stage for a new retail playing field where cross-channel techniques cannot be ignored ...

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