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Keynote Systems Ranks E-Tailers on Speed, Reliability

"Our indices show that a large gap remains between the best-in-class sites and sites that still have room for improvement," Ben Rushlo, senior manager of competitive research with Keynote, told the E-Commerce Times. "Best-in-class sites rank well in overall performance and availability. We've noticed that electronics sites rank well in availability, but apparel sites struggle in that area."

Summer E-Tail Study Forecasts Holiday Readiness

"We always see sites that are excellent. But several sites are not ready for holiday load," said Ben Rushlo, Keystone's senior manager of professional services. "Even in the summer, they can't handle the slower load. Come December, there are going to be some unhappy consumers and site stakeholders."


Advice From a Black Belt Online Shopper

I would like to imagine a world where I never have to go to a mall, never have to wait in the checkout line behind the person returning 23 items, where I never have to make my tenth circle in the parking lot and engage in a to-the-death fight with that hulking SUV for the last space. I would like to imagine a world where I could do all my shopping online -- every last bit of it...

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