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Digital Downloads Won’t Kill the Video Game Store

Gaming fans pose two questions: First, "Why are Sony and Microsoft so worried about selling consoles? Can't they just focus on games and online services?" and second, "In a world where digital media's becoming popular, will online shops and downloads take down brick and mortar?" Consoles are still a...


ISPs and the Great Online Pirate Chase

Technology analyst Scott Steinberg fields a viewer question on the latest approach to curbing online piracy: "Internet service providers policing pirates: What is Hollywood smoking? And does anyone really think that this will work?" Not really, suggests Steinberg. Enforcement would be costly and cum...


The Google+ Gaming Gold Rush

Technology analyst Scott Steinberg answers a viewer's question about Google+'s foray into social games: Is it really going to give Facebook a run for its money? In the short term, the answer is no. There are about 25 million users on Google+ versus roughly 750 million on Facebook, so when it comes t...


Is Social Networking’s Honeymoon Nearly Over?

The recent launch of Google+, which offers users a convenient way of managing who gets to see what, addresses the social networking privacy issue to an extent. However, the vast majority of Facebook's multitudes are still not terribly concerned -- they're having too much fun. There's a need to pay m...


Should Customers Cut Netflix Some Slack?

Technology analyst Scott Steinberg answers the question, "What do Netflix's price changes mean for subscirbers, and how stupid is splitting the costs on unlimited DVD and streaming plans?" To sum up, they mean customers are going to have to pay more -- as much as 63 percent more -- to keep the same ...


Why EA’s So Thirsty for PopCap

Video game analyst Scott Steinberg answers the question, "Why did EA buy PopCap Games, and is it a marriage made in heaven?" In a nutshell, Steinberg does see bliss ahead for companies, if EA can successfully integrate the PopCap "scamps," as he calls them, into its corporate culture. EA badly wants...

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