Global Trademarks Can Be Established Easily

All you will need to establish a worldwide trademark is the desire to go global with a powerful global identity. The rest will fit if you follow the right procedures and make sure your entire organization is ready to play the new global games.

There has been a drop in the old branding cost of some 95 percent, and that has changed the entire branding landscape. So apply a comprehensive modern approach to establish a truly global name identity for 5 percent of the former cost. Shocking.

Today, a properly structured and truly protected global trademark is worth a ton in gold. For this reason, a single name fully guarded for its iconic personality with a top-level protection plan and equipped with a matching dot-com is the most sought after commodity.

Striking Gold in 2005

Let’s face it, such a name is worth a hundred times more than the head office building, all the fancy furniture, factories and all the stacking chimneys combined. Just ask Sony, Rolex, Bacardi, PlayStation, Panasonic or Telus, and they will tell you with an uncontrollable smile that without their unique moniker, their entire empire would have no value.

If by chance your corporation owns a one of a kind, globally protected trademark, then surely you have struck gold. Otherwise the question is: Why not make it a plan to get one for 2005? It’s so easy.

Just as it is so easy to create and build a proper global name, it is equally very disturbing to know that less than 1 percent of corporations around the globe have such unique ownerships. Most have local or regional name brands, and most constantly push these weak names while struggling to get global clearance.

It is amazing how all the knowledge and expertise required to make this happen are so easily ignored, while a great fanfare is wasted over much weaker and geographically limited names. Current history is littered with these poor name identities, which fade away in the long run.

Anyone Can Play

No matter how superior such pursuits might seem and how advanced the exercise for universal global identity might appear, the fact is that all it takes is some know how, and any corporation can play this game.

To find a proper name identity, first you need a five-star standard of naming. This is a process designed to ensure the uniqueness of a candidate name with direct relativity to the business it represents, while securing a position for a global trademarking with a matching dot-com. Anything less will fail.

However, first, you must clear the decks, as traditional creative services and fireworks branding have no room here. The creation of global icons and universal cyber brands for the global markets is not to be confused with graphic and logo design processes or big budget blasts to jumpstart weak names. These practices are only great when you have a truly global name and a global corporate nomenclature strategy in place.

Hug a Trademark Attorney

As a first step, discover the rules of global marketing and apply them to your current image and see if it fits your current name. They might seem complex, but these rules are very logical.

As growth and marketing opens more and more countries, your names should also be able to travel in each of those territories without any fear of trademark problems. Hug a trademark lawyer today. They offer the best and most economical layer of protection in shaping trademark applications. Once a name is properly secured, you will have acquired something extraordinary.

Most creative shops lack serious knowledge of global registrations and domain laws, and this makes them scared of lawyers. The branding shops, which only rely on pure creativity, leave you with legal registration issues, doing only half the job. You need guaranteed results and truly five-star standard name solutions.

Check Your Current Profile

Currently, the art of big-budget branding has shrunk to the art of applying global naming to the most economical medium of cyber branding. The drop of some 95 percent in the old branding cost has changed the entire branding landscape.

Take your current names in use and build a country-by-country profile by establishing the numbers of conflicts in each country. This exercise might sound complicated, but it can be carried out by a push of a button when conducted under professional guidance and using the right technologies and global reference.

Utilize the current online educational tools to bring within your corporation a higher level of understanding on this subject. First, it is extremely inexpensive and it is extremely fast. Within days, you can have the entire name analyzed and end up with a report with recommendations and suggestions.

Go for Gold in 2005

Get your marketing teams to go for that super shine in your name identity and corporate image, and make sure that you get a system in place to achieve all this quickly, efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner.

All you will need is the desire to go global with a powerful global identity.

Creation and the development of global name identities can be achieved within a few weeks. All you need is the “masters of naming architects,” and the rest will unfold very nicely.

Get your current names analyzed for global acceptability, get your teams into play for new educational tools on how to create, capture and cultivate global icons, make plans for introductions of new global name identities and start building an icon — solid gold that is.

Naseem Javed, author Naming for Power and alsoDomain Wars, is recognized as a world authority on global nameidentities and domain issues. Javed founded ABC Namebank, aconsultancy he established a quarter century ago, and conducts executiveworkshops on image and name identity issues. Contact him at [email protected].

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