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Adjusting Sales Strategies for E-Commerce 2011

As e-commerce marketers set or adjust their strategies for 2011, there are some important trends and developments to pay attention to that can help capture new revenue streams and strengthen brand awareness this year and beyond ...


The M-Commerce Revolution Is Here

It wasn't long ago that online shopping attracted consumers to the Web. Now, the mobile revolution promises to do the same -- providing an "anywhere experience" that boasts the ultimate in convenience. U.S. mobile commerce sales hit US$1.20 billion in 2009 and will grow to $2.42 billion this year, according to Coda research consultancy. This is great news for online retailers that are prepared to meet this rapid revenue increase. Yet another recent survey from reveals that despite the growing popularity of mobile commerce, or m-commerce, 62 percent of retailers have either not yet begun or are only in the early stages of planning a mobile strategy...


Integration and Analytics: The Online Shopper’s Best Friends

With the plethora of available technology tools promising to improve the customer experience, it's safe to assume that many of you have deployed more than one of them to increase your chances of success. The implementation of myriad technology applications can provide significant benefits if they are utilized properly. Data gleaned from multiple on-site technologies can, for example, be used to more successfully recruit customers and maintain loyalty within your current customer base.

5 Burning Questions About E-Commerce Search Solutions

You can thank Google for raising your online customers' search expectations through the roof. The 900-lb. gorilla of Internet search delivers such quality results -- in just tenths of a second, as the results page tells you -- that online shoppers won't settle for anything less than blindingly fast search results from the e-commerce sites they visit...

Holiday Shopping, Part 3: Are You Making the Most of Site Search?

"One of the biggest mistakes in site search is not looking at the Web logs. It's vital to know what people are searching for on your site and then to make sure your search is within the most popular terms," Shaun Ryan, CEO at SLI Systems, told the E-Commerce Times. SLI's customers include Mikasa, Tupperware and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters...

Firm Pitches High-Tech Search Functionality for SMBs

"We watch for what people search for, we watch what they click on and we put the results that they click on the most on top," SLI CEO Shaun Ryan told TechNewsWorld. "We're using the intelligence of the people searching on the site to improve the relevancy of the search for the next people who are visiting."

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