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Linux: Come for the Kernel, Stay for the Popcorn

It is because of this strong current of free software philosophy in Linux that Richard Stallman, free software's most loyal champion, is more prevalent in Linux lore and popular culture even than Linus Torvalds, the Linux kernel's creator himself. Stallman is a frequent chara...


Linux’s Big Bang: One Kernel, Countless Distros

Richard Stallman's Role Though Torvalds and his team created the Linux kernel, there would have been no subsequent spread of myriad Linux distributions without the work of Richard Stallman, who had launched the free software movement a decade earlier.

Land of the Free, or Home on the Open Range?

"It might seem like a pernickety argument, but 'Free Software' and 'open source' emphasize different things," the mavens over at Linux Voice explained. "Free Software, as defined by the mighty Richard Stallman, stresses the importance of freedom for users and programmers to share things with their neighbors, for the betterment of society...

Corporate Boards Quake as Microsoft Scours for CEO

Gates, Ford's Mulally, Nadella, Larson-Green and Turner are ranked pretty low on the Next Microsoft CEO website, while Valve Managing Director Gabe Newell is the top pick and Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman the second choice "Microsoft needs someone to rein...


The Graying of the Linux Kernel Community

"So, in the philosophical way, the MAN is Richard Stallman," Ebersol opined. "And persons who are important in the FLOSS scene? Captain Bill (Texstar) Reynolds. And me, because I do a lot of things and contribute a lot. And, like us, thousands of folks do the same: Patrick (Volkerding), Ikey (Doherty), Andrew (Wyatt), Barry (Kauler) and so many others...


New Kid on the FOSS Block: OX Documents

One of Richard Stallman's objections to software in the cloud is that "FLOSS can be exploited and modified without sharing the code, since it is the service and not the software that is distributed," Pogson pointed out OX, however, "may deal with that issue," he added. "If it ...


Man Overboard: GNOME Cofounder Joins the Mac Side

De Icaza is also known for his past association with Microsoft via the CodePlex Foundation, of course. Then, too, there's the fact that Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has called de Icaza a "traitor to the free software community." But don't let any of those...


Stallman and Ubuntu: Sticks and Stones and a Blogosphere Brawl

Yet another blogosphere brawl, needless to say, focusing this time on Ubuntu and its newly installed "surveillance code," as legendary Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman called it in a recentblog post "If we can only say, 'free software won't spy on you, unless ...


Does Selfishness Make the FOSS World Go ‘Round?

Richard Stallman "did not start GNU for selfish reasons but to do IT the right way and to share," Pogson explained. "Linus did not start Linux for selfish reasons but to learn and to share." Similarly, "I did not switch to GNU/Linux for selfish reasons but to preserve a funct...


To GNU or Not to GNU? That Is the Question

"I think Richard Stallman has done an immense service in promoting Free Software, and there is absolutely no question that there would never have been a Linux without the GNU toolkit that Stallman had ready when it was needed," offered Google+ blogger Kevin O'Brien, for instance...


What Open Source Can Learn From Steve Jobs, Part 2

The blind hatred of Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman toward proprietary programs is such that he has given speeches in which he advocated for software piracy. Stallman wrote this the day after Steve Jobs died: "As Chicago Mayor Harold Washington said of the corrupt former Mayor Daley, 'I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone.'"...


Stallman on Steve Jobs: Tasteless or Incisive?

In the past two weeks, of course, we've had to endure the loss of not just one but two leading figures in the technology world: Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie. That's been upsetting enough, but -- as if we needed any more turmoil -- we've also had free software guru Richard Stallman expounding his views on Apple's former CEO, causing widespread outrage in the process...


Much Ado About Android Licensing and Headers

According to Richard Stallman's comments on the matter from 2003, including a header file does not always make a derivative work, Hudson noted. Rather, "our view is that just using structure definitions, typedefs, enumeration constants, macros with simple bodies, etc., is NOT enough to make a derivative work," RMS wrote back then in an email...


Does FOSS Need a Charismatic Leader?

For example, "Richard Stallman is a poor public speaker and wastes time arguing over semantics," Mack explained. "Eric Raymond can't keep to just arguing for FOSS and instead dedicates far too much time arguing against gun control and calling for the end of monogamous marriages."


Winners, Losers, Heroes and Villains of 2010

This year was particularly strange for me, because this month I agreed with Richard Stallman, and I'm figuring somewhere pigs must be flying and demons ice skating. Merry Christmas, everyone -- here's hoping we all make better choices in 2011!...


Stallman’s Cloudburst: Prudence or Paranoia?

When Richard Stallman talks, the FOSS community tends to listen, and that's just what could be observed in the Linux blogosphere over the past week or so It was the recent release of Google's Chrome OS that occasioned the Free Software Foundation founder's remarks this time, o...

Why Richard Stallman Takes No Shine to Chrome

If anyone had doubts that Richard Stallman dislikes Google's new Chrome OS, he laid them to rest in an interview with the Guardian Tuesday The Chrome OS will push people into careless computing by forcing them to store their data in the cloud, said Stallman, who's the founder ...


Cloud Computing Calms Open Source Warfare

Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, has been widely cited arguing that cloud computing is a trap to be avoided because, he thinks, it leads to a loss of freedom and control. Such comments are an unnecessary throwback to a time when some individuals got great pleasure out of bashing big companies that were not as cooperative as they could have been. ...


Who Cares if FOSS Makes Money?

Moody begins his column by pointing out that Richard Stallman himself has said he's not opposed to making money off FOSS "As companies like Red Hat have grown in size and profitability, so has the credibility of free software options among larger enterprises," he went on. "Pro...


Glaxo’s ‘Linux Approach’ – PR Stunt or Candle in the Gloom?

"This is the sort of healthy competition that can benefit everyone," she added. Of course, "I think Richard Stallman would prefer GNU/Glaxo :-)" Ultimately, "the FLOSS approach is applicable to many large problems: analyzing DNA, decryption, factoring primes, finding AF447 bla...

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