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Video Links: The Best Lures in the SEO Tackle Box?

Video is changing the way we use the Internet for entertainment, education, blogging, product promotion and so many other forms of content. Services like YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, AOL Video and a host of others have created an enormous online viewing audience by making it easy for anyone to upload, search and share videos. ...

Jump in Chinese Internet Users To Spark E-Commerce

"We see tremendous opportunities in Japan and Korean markets, as well as in China," said CFO Peter Hamilton. "I think China is making a lot of progress to clarify what the regulatory status is regarding the status of Internet providers, which makes it much easier to determine our investment strategy. It has been very positive." Explores Pan-Asian Route With Acquisitions

"These four investments strengthen our ability to serve the Greater China market and the entire Asian region with industry-leading Internet solutions and to ensure that we are associated with world-class Internet technology," said COO Peter Hamilton. ...

Should technology play a larger role in officiating sports events?
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