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.Mobi: A Safe Real Estate Bet

Mobile Internet usage is on the rise, and for marketers, the time to establish their brands on the "third screen" is now. For example, more than four in 10 U.S. mobile users will look at phones with strong Internet features when they buy next, according to The Kelsey Group. Concurrently, there are waves of advances taking place -- from innovative devices to enhanced data services -- that will make the promise of the mobile Web a reality...


Don’t Buy the Keyword – Buy the Domain

Marketers assume that Googling for information is an automatic response the instant a Web surfer opens a browser. For many Internet users, the theory is true. However, for a number of reasons, and with increasing regularity, many people bypass search engines altogether in favor of a technique called direct navigation. Simply put, direct navigation is when a user directly types a Web address into a browser...

Study: Domain Sales Volume Increased by 68 Percent Last Year

"Last year was a significant year for the domain name market, from new top level domains approved and put into circulation to the heightened role of domain parking services to drive quality Web traffic," Matt Bentley, chief strategy officer for Sedo, told the E-Commerce Times ...

Use of “.US” Domain Name Extension Rises Sharply

"Outside the United States and most notably across Europe, most domain extensions are affiliated with the country in which the company operates. However, in the U.S., the standard is the .com extension," said Matt Bentley, chief executive officer of "Many organizations, especially those based overseas, are strengthening their identity in American markets with a .US domain. As the extension grows in popularity, the value of owning a .US domain increases dramatically."

Domain Name Business Booming in Post-Dot-Com Era

"A domain name's importance emerged as a valuable element of an organization's brand, and the numbers validate this trend," Matt Bentley, CEO of, told the E-Commerce Times. "Though we'll likely never see the sale prices of 1999, when domains like fetched $7.5 million, valuations for key domains have definitely begun to elevate to demonstrate their importance to business and organizations all over the world."

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