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How to Keep Online Shopping Carts On Target

Online retail sales are projected to increase by 11 percent this year to US$156 billion, according to Forrester Research. Although that's good news, it's a small decline from last year's growth of 13 percent ...

E-Commerce Banks on Alternative Payment Boom

Security-conscious online shoppers have long feared that thieves will snatch their credit card number and other personal information right out from under their fingertips as they nervously click the "buy now" icon on retailers' Web sites ...

eBay Blocks Google Checkout as Payment Option

The conflict may help raise awareness of the growing number of payment alternatives now available to compete with PayPal and direct credit-card payment. For instance, MODA Solutions, which uses e-mail and online banking billpay to enable payment, is gaining traction, said MODA CEO Marwan Forzley, but the firm doesn't have the marketing budget to match eBay or Google...


Payment Alternative Uses E-Mail, Online Banking to Thwart ID Theft

"Finding ways to make consumers more comfortable buying online is a growth market," Marwan Forzley, President and CEO of MODA Solutions, told the E-Commerce Times. "We have taken a fairly simple approach to addressing this issue and our solution benefits everybody in the value chain -- the consumers and the merchants."

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