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Hot Boxes: The Explosive Potential for Residential Gateway Devices

The set-top box (STB) is the primary point of entry into the digital home for television services, including cable TV, DTH (Direct to Home satellite), and IPTV (Internet protocol television). This device has evolved beyond its historical role as a simple black box sitting on top of a large TV set into a smaller form-factor device supporting a variety of functions, notably interactive television applications. Service providers worldwide are aggressively upgrading their equipment to support the migration away from analog television and toward digital television (DTV), with the hopes of improving consumer satisfaction and creating service differentiators...


The Hybridization of the Set-Top Box

The market for set-top boxes (STBs) in Europe has received a major boost from the transition to digital services ...


The Journey From Social Networking to Visual Networking

The growing popularity of online video has become the tipping point for advanced CE (consumer electronics) in the home. Consumer interest and demand for this content -- from user-generated videos of stealthy cats to streams of classic 1980s shows like "Airwolf" -- have prompted service providers and CE manufacturers to expand outward on the possibilities once video is tied and intertwined with other signals coming into the home...

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