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Better Tech Support in 3 Easy Steps, Part 3

Now that you've done all this work to improve your technical support team, you need to let your customers know. The sales and marketing teams will do most of the work for you on this. While they may not run a campaign stating, "Hey, our support doesn't stink anymore," they do have a ton of automated...

Better Tech Support in 3 Easy Steps, Part 2

How well does it normally work when you tell someone to do something? It depends upon your relationship to that person. A complete stranger will ignore you. An acquaintance might tell you "no" before they ignore you. A friend will probably explain to you why they aren't going to do what you told the...

Better Tech Support in 3 Easy Steps, Part 1

I have been managing the technical support team at Journyx, a timesheet software company, for about 7 years. When I began, we were hemorrhaging angry customers, but now we haven't received a legitimate customer complaint in years. Since my experience was in sales and retail management, the first th...

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