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Speeding Up Your PC, Part 5: Getting Secure

One of the most dreaded words for any computer user is "malware." Rogue software and infected files can implant bits of code that log keystrokes, spy on activities, slow down searches and snatch financial information. Users can help protect their PC by installing antivirus software, but even this c...


Speeding Up Your PC, Part 4: Managing Drivers

Driver software manages communications between a computer and its system components and peripherals, such as printers, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, game controllers, Bluetooth devices, and other hardware. Driver software acts like a translator, helping a computer's operating system communi...


Speeding Up Your PC, Part 3: Getting Crucial Updates

Lots of people think that updates aren't really that important. In the past, updating a program often involved implementing small features or fixes that, most of the time, didn't seem worth the bother. While this may still be true for some applications, there's no doubt that updates are crucial fo...


Speeding Up Your PC, Part 2: Clean Up Your Hard Drive

What is hard-drive clutter, and why is it bad? When people think of things that take up space in their hard drive, usually they think of the files they've made, including documents, pictures and media. They may also think of the programs they use to run those files. While you can delete some files o...


Speeding Up Your PC, Part 1: Take Control of Your Programs

The most common complaint that people have about their computers is slow performance -- screens that seem to load more slowly, emails that seem to "hang" before opening. Too many users are frustrated by seeing their expensive machines become bogged down by factors that are hard to identify, making ...

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