Penguin Offers Linux Support in 16 Languages

Penguin Computing, a provider of Linux-based hardware solutions, has announced that it will offer sales and technical support in 15 languages in addition to English, including Arabic, Cambodian, Cantonese, Chiuchow, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

“Linux is well on its way to becoming the operating system of choice in many nations around the world,” commented Sam Ockman, president and founder of Penguin. “We plan on doing everything we can to make sure that Linux users, no matter where they are, are able to get the most reliable hardware and technical support.”

Offering components from manufacturers such as IBM, Intel, Quantum and Sony, Penguin configures systems to run the freely distributed Linux operating system (OS). Additionally, the company sells and supports accompanying software from the likes of Applixware, BRU, Oracle and Red Hat.

Translating the Open-Source Philosophy…

“Few people in developing countries have been forced for years to use Microsoft machines, therefore many of our international customers have not yet developed Microsoft-centric computer habits,” stated Ockman about the possibility of Linux becoming the OS of choice in developing countries.

With regard to the buying motivation for such markets, Ockman adds that “they are buying and will continue to buy based on functionality, not familiarity. That means they’ll need companies like Penguin who truly understand Linux and the entire open-source philosophy.”

Cost is, of course, another significant factor for users choosing an operating system in the US and virtually anywhere else. But Linux is not yet universal, according to Dr, Andy Kaufman, director of communications for Penguin.

“Manuals, instructions and language-based commands are not yet available in every country or language,” added Kaufman. “However, as they say in Russia: ‘nel’zia cdelat’ vse, no mozhno khotya by poporobovat’ (we can’t do everything, but we can do something.'” Dr. Kaufman holds a Ph.D in Russian Literature.

Hot & Swappable

It certainly can’t be said that Penguin is idle. Last week, the San Francisco-based company announced the availability of its Blackfoot Penguin 2500, a 2U Rackmount System with four hot-swappable hard drives. The company claims to be the first to offer such a system — which measures a mere 3.5″ in height — and that the swappable drives represent a significant advance not to mention convenience.

According to Mark Willey, director of technical operations for Penguin, “when a hot swappable RAID drive fails, you can just pull it out and stick another in instantly. There’s no data loss and down time. ”

About Penguin

Penguin is a retailer of Linux-only systems, selling and assisting Internet companies — including e-commerce operations — to implement cost-effective Linux-based systems.

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