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Caldera Linux eServer To Feature IBM E-Commerce Products

By Matthew W. Beale
Jan 24, 2000 12:00 AM PT

As part of its "Linux for eBusiness" strategy, Caldera Systems, Inc. has announced that its soon-to-be introduced OpenLinux eServer will ship with IBM open-source e-commerce products.

Caldera Linux eServer To Feature IBM E-Commerce Products

The Caldera OpenLinux-based eServer 2.3 is set to officially debut next week at the LinuxWorld Expo in New York City. It will include IBM's VisualAge for Java and the WebSphere Application Server Standard Edition for Linux, helping the product to streamline the process of creating an online presence.

Caldera Systems will also bundle Webmin, a Web-based remote administration interface, with the OpenLinux eServer package. Webmin allows users to remotely administer eServer and virtually manage systems and third-party applications.

"System and network administrators can now rapidly deploy Linux eBusiness solutions and remotely and securely manage their systems at an extremely low cost," commented Ransom Love, Caldera Systems President and CEO. "This is the Linux for eBusiness server solution that the enterprise has been asking us for."

Other eServer features include installation tools that are designed to help newbies navigate the tasks of customization and installation, as well as support for both Java and XML. Additionally, the product is based on open standards technology, which will, theoretically, enable "existing business processes to be re-engineered for the Internet across all supported hardware platforms and database systems," according to Caldera Systems.

IBM, Linux & E-Commerce

IBM's WebSphere Application Server, included in the eServer 2.3 release, provides Java support and dynamic Web content generation and an IBM HTTP server with SSL (secure socket layer)-based features. VisualAge for Java, also included with the product, enables developers who work with WebSphere to decrease development time by testing and debugging applications remotely.

IBM is a strategic partner of Caldera Systems and, according to IBM, "both companies are strong advocates of open industry standards, like those on which the eServer is based."

Big Blue also announced, late Sunday, that it is releasing its WebSphere Commerce Suite this week, an integrated e-commerce enabling solution for personalized relationship marketing, order management, auctions, and business-to-business commerce. The WebSphere Commerce Suite version 4.1 -- formerly Net.Commerce -- and WebSphere Commerce Studio products are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses establish an e-commerce operation.

Initially released for IBM's AIX, Solaris and Windows NT, the new WebSphere products could be released for the Linux OS in the near future.

OpenLinux eServer & Caldera Systems

OpenLinux eServer 2.3, compiled and optimized to run on Pentium II and higher processors, is certified to run on IBM's Netfinity line of hardware as well as other IA servers. The product is designed, according to Caldera Systems, to be set up and run out of the box.

Orem, Utah-based Caldera Systems designs, develops and markets Linux-based business solutions, including OpenLinux, NetWare for Linux, Linux technical training, certification and support. The company announced an upcoming IPO (initial public offering) earlier this month, hoping to repeat the high profile successes of Red Hat and VA Linux.


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