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1-800-U.S.Search Signs Up With Lycos

By Los Angeles Newsroom
Apr 1, 1999 12:00 AM PT

1-800-U.S.Search announced Wednesday that it has been selected as the exclusive public record reseller on the Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS) Network, which includes Lycos, Tripod, Angelfire, WhoWhere and MailCity.

 Signs Up With Lycos

1-800-U.S.Search, which is owned by entertainment company Kushner-Locke (Nasdaq: KLOC), said that the two-year advertising and promotion agreement is estimated at $5 million (US$). Users of the Lycos Network will now be able to conduct searches for their long-lost friends and relatives through 1-800-U.S.Search's public record site. 1-800-U.S.Search will be promoted with various banner and button ads, as well as text links and search engine results.

Company Also Caters to Corporate Clients

In addition to helping individuals find other individuals, 1-800-U.S.Search caters to corporate and professional clients who are looking to conduct background checks and search through national court records, death records and property reports. These services can be ordered via phone as well as on the company's Web site. "Live search specialists" are available to assist clients with their research.

"Our alliance with U.S.Search is mutually beneficial because our extensive network gives Search broad exposure, and the services they provide will be useful to our nearly 30 million users," said Lycos vice president Dave Peterson.

Lycos Also Taps

In a separate deal, Lycos announced Wednesday that privately held has been selected to become the exclusive provider of domain name registration services for the Lycos Network. services will be promoted via search engine results as well as through button and contextual ads on Lycos.

"The domain name registration market is clearly set to boom, and Lycos is proud to team with, a company whose superior customer service and business model have made them a favorite with Internet users," said Lycos vice president of electronic commerce Jeff Bennett.

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