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My Net Is Your Net: Providing Guest Access Without Blowing Security

Calculate the number of non-employee users who will need access concurrently at any given time.Note that these are only related to the guest access portion of network access control. There are many other policies and steps needed around employee access control. If even 5 percent of your users are non-employees, you cannot afford to ignore the guest access issue. By carefully setting criteria and using the right technologies, you can ensure that you are supporting business goals and be productive without putting the corporate network and data at risk. And hopefully, the next time a partner asks you for Internet access, your answer will not be handing over an Ethernet plug to your network. Todd Hooper is the CEO and cofounder of Napera Networks, a provider of network solutions that enable small and medium enterprises to build safe, secure and healthy networks. ...

Trend Micro, WatchGuard Partner Against Internet Virus Threats

"The LiveSecurity Alliance consists of a line-up of Internet security (providers) protecting organizations that use the Internet for electronic commerce and communications," commented Todd Hooper, vice president of business development at WatchGuard Technologies. "Our alliance with Trend Micro will enable WatchGuard customers to easily purchase Trend software and receive real-time virus alerts through WatchGuard's LiveSecurity Broadcast Service." ...

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