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How AP Automation Bolsters Supplier and Customer Relationships

Retail companies have always succeeded or failed based on how well they serve their customers. When service is consistently great, it’s that much more likely that customers will become loyal to a specific retailer ...

AI’s Potential to Manage the Supply Chain

AI plays a role in supply chain management in ways that may not be obvious to the casual observer. For example, effective supply chains require cash optimization for both customers and their suppliers, added Shan Haq, vice president of corporate strategy and development at Transcepta...


The Electronic Invoicing Renaissance

The phone rings and John answers, "Accounts payable, how may I help you?" It's the fourth call John has received from ABC Supply this week. Why? ABC Supply wants payment for an invoice that was sent more than 60 days ago. How is this possible? Actually, it isn't surprising. There is tremendous variability with regard to the purchase to pay (P2P) cycle. Just think of the typical steps required to pay an invoice...

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