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Pre-CRM: Relating Before There’s a Relationship

This curtain of Web automation "hides our customers from us," wrote Robert Williams in this publication nearly four years ago. "We can't tell what they really want as they click through our Web pages, as they search for information, or as they get halfway through filling out an online form.


Live Chat’s Not Just for Sales Anymore: Q&A With Conversive CEO Robert Williams

For many e-tailers, online chat is a closer. Packaged and offered up to site visitors as a service, it provides an opportunity to close a sale when an uncertain customer wavers. Retailers were early adopters of this technology precisely because of the distinct return on investment, Conversive CEO Robert Williams told CRM Buyer.

Online Customer Service: Mixing Live Talk With Automated Tech

Last year's online shopping season surpassed US$29 billion in sales, up a full 20 percent from the previous holiday. More consumers did their shopping online than any holiday season before, due to the convenience and increasing popularity of the Internet as a way to get too many things done in too little time. ...

Humanizing the Online Customer Experience

The Internet has seen massive adoption. Online retailing has continued to dramatically build its customer base and more and more companies are sending their offline customers to the Internet for service and support. To service both these old and new customers, the Internet has already had an abundant history of "self-service" tools that have each seen their boom and bust cycle. ...

To earn your loyalty as a consumer, how important is it that a brand provides a personalized experience?
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