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Priceline To Launch Asian Venture

"Name-your-price" pioneer (Nasdaq: PCLN) announced today that it will team with a Hong Kong-based telecommunications conglomerate to bring its service to 2.6 billion consumers in China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam ...

Auto Dealers Remain in E-Commerce Loop Despite Fears

Despite concerns that automobile companies are angling to bypass their automobile dealer networks in the sale of new cars online, car dealers remain entrenched in the online car buying process ...

Apparel Sites Show Significant Traffic Gains

According to Web traffic numbers by Media Metrix, the apparel category has continued to surprise many observers by posting a 60 percent increase in traffic for the week ending December 5th ...

Is It Time Showed A Profit?

Columnist Rob Spiegel concurs: I don't think that Amazon cares as much about operating losses as it does about its brand. The company is not bleeding all this red ink to beat CDNow or even I think that Amazon is chasing Wal-Mart and Sears so that it may become one of the world's leading retailers.

Should technology play a larger role in officiating sports events?
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