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Tempering the Supply Chain With Better BI

Many organizations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry are experiencing a trade-off between the benefit of high product volume sales coming at the expense of extreme data complexity. At the same time, these companies struggle to maintain open lines of communication with their retail customers and distributors in order to better manage the upstream flow of product.


Legacy Software: Rebuilding the Ship in Rough Waters

As the market recedes further and companies look to shed cost in any way feasible, many look inwardly in order to find key areas for improvement. Aberdeen's research shows that the top business pressures forcing companies in the direction of legacy application modernization are largely internal (Figure 1) ...


Planning a Migration Route From Visual Basic 6 to .Net

Given the unpredictable nature of today's market climate, many software-oriented companies are scrambling to cut costs and streamline their application development processes. For organizations utilizing Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) as their primary development environment, the difficulty of achieving this agility was magnified by the April 8, 2008, termination of all support for VB6.


Flying Blind No More: A New Generation of BPM

"This culture delivers capabilities to a wider audience," said Michael Lock, Business Intelligence research analyst at the Aberdeen Group. "It also addresses human factors that drive the relationship between process management and operational performance." Best-in-Class companies were derived from the top 20 percent of the aggregate performance scorers in three Key Performance Indicator areas: operating cost, customer responsiveness, and process efficiency...

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