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Would a 2nd Sandbox Unify the Fragmented Linux Mobile Market?

The Linux desktop has traditionally been a very fragmented and niche market. The mobile Linux space is no different, with various efforts including,,, Ubuntu Mobile, ARM Linux, Mobilinux and others. While choice can be a good thing, fragmentation can be a strong detractor against any one platform gaining traction. ...


New Ways to Ride the Netbook Wave

Despite the current economics, netbook sales have been growing at double-digit rates. It's one of the few hot spots in the consumer computing space. There are now more than 50 vendors with an offering across EMEA! ...


Use the Kernel as a Hypervisor – but Trim It Down First

Desktop virtualization is entering into the corporate limelight, after many years of existence as a consumer toy. Recently, for example, Citrix and Intel announced a partnership that will deliver an embedded bare-metal client hypervisor by the second half of 2009 ...

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