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Open Standards + Community Support = Healthy Wireless Networks

You may be thinking "who needs another open source High Availability (HA) project?" Or, in fact, "why do we need any open source HA project?" For those who do not know, OpenSAF is the latest in a line of open source HA projects that is specifically designed to address high availability and clustering. First we'll look at what OpenSAF is and then some of the previous open source HA projects to make comparisons. We will look at some of the unique characteristics of the OpenSAF project that make it different from earlier HA projects -- and more like successful open source examples such as Eclipse or Apache.

Linux Making Inroads into Automotive Industry

"Linux is an ideal solution for automotive entertainment and navigation systems that require high reliability, high performance networking and bandwidth," Glenn Seiler, director of product marketing at MontaVista Software, told LinuxInsider Niche Solutions...

ARM Announces Integrated Multiprocessor Core

"The new ARM multiprocessor core will enable device manufacturers to deliver high-performance applications," said Glenn Seiler, director of product marketing at MontaVista Software. "Developers will appreciate the strong synergy between this technology and MontaVista Consumer Electronics Edition's dynamic power management capabilities and native Linux support for symmetric multiprocessing."

How will consumers react to Apple's WWDC 2023 announcements?
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