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Use the Cloud, Luke: Easier Shipping Is in the Stars

Using Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud computing to outsource otherwise costly infrastructure -- such as human resources, call centers and automated payroll -- has allowed many savvy small businesses to improve efficiencies, grow profits and maintain their business focus by buying services on demand. The benefits of the on-demand model, such as low- or no-cost resources on demand, and paying only for services used are now being applied to previously cloudless business practices. ...


E-Tailers, It’s May – Do You Know Where Your Holiday Goods Are?

In 2008, the challenges e-tailers face seem to have risen to new heights: carrier rate hikes, major postal code changes, exploding fuel costs, heightened multinational shipping expectations and uncertain consumer demand in an uncertain economy. This spring, businesses need to re-evaluate their warehousing and shipping strategy to effectively plan for the holiday rush...

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