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Bridging the Online-Offline Shopping Divide With 2D Tags

Today's consumers are more connected than ever with mobile devices in hand, while retailers have long focused on better engaging with consumers. Some brands have enjoyed early wins through effective direct digital marketing. ...


The Missing Piece of the Customer-Centricity Puzzle

Marketing data does yet not evolve the way individuals evolve. The inability for marketers to quickly adapt to rapid changes in how their customers behave is undermining the effectiveness of their communications ...


Marketing Trends Add Fuel to the SaaS Development Fire

A trend is not a fad. A fad comes and goes quickly, while trends have staying power. Great ideas become trends when they are widely adopted beyond their original driving force. ...


Snapping Up Endangered Sales With On-Site Targeting

E-Commerce software is excellent. It allows the marketer to execute and record millions in annual sales. However, in the era of direct digital marketing -- where a missed opportunity to close a sale is more conspicuous than ever before -- online retailers are seeking a solution that accomplishes more than the expected sale ...

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