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‘Frank’ Talk About Cloud Architecture

The great contemporary architect Frank Gehry has built a reputation by challenging our core beliefs around what buildings should look like, as well as the very role of design. His work is often described as "deconstructivist," meaning that he reduces his creations to be more of a reflection of the tension that binds atomic elements as opposed to the singular "harmonic" whole of a Frank Lloyd Wright conception...


Silo Busting: Q&A With EDL CEO Bill Loumpouridis

CRM Buyer sat down with EDL Founder, President and CEO Bill Loumpouridis to discuss CloudCraze at Dreamforce Tuesday ...


Is Your E-Commerce Operation Ready for the Cloud?

Cloud computing is perhaps the most talked-about shift in the technology industry today. The concept of running applications from the cloud is quickly evolving from a futuristic vision to a commercially viable alternative for mainstream business. A recent survey of global 2,000 companies revealed that 30 percent are already using cloud infrastructure to host their applications, and another 20 percent plan to do so by next year...

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