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ICANN Follows WIPO Lead on Cyber-Squatting Cases

With a nod toward the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced plans to use an arbitration panel to resolve disputes over domain name ownership before cases reach the courts.

Congressman Leads Charge For Open Cable Lines

U.S. Congressman Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts), who has spent years battling cable operators over rising rates and anti-competitive programming contracts, has teamed with former Massachusetts Governor William Weld and the openNET Coalition of Internet service providers to support a state ballot initia...

B2B Explosion Expected In 2000

A new study released this week by The Boston Consulting Group shows that 25 percent of all business-to-business purchases will be made online by 2003.

Final ‘Firing Line’ Illuminates Basic Internet Tax Issue

William F. Buckley, Jr., the conservative moderator of the long-running Firing Line television series, engaged his colleagues in a lively two-hour debate over the Internet taxation issue Friday night before turning his set dark for the last time. Acquires Stake In

Online book and music retailer barnesand (Nasdaq: BNBN) announced today that it has cemented its alliance with magazine subscription company by acquiring a 32 percent stake in the company.

New Site To Offer Information To Highest Bidder

Information Markets Corp. launched a beta test version of its site this week, allowing information seekers to bid for expert answers with play money. The real deal, with real money, is slated to launch early next year.

International Group Expects Limited Y2K Damage

According to a report from the UN-supervised International Y2K Cooperation Center, the massive effort made by governments and companies around the world will prevent widespread computer problems from marring the arrival of the Year 2000.

Internet Taxes Would Cause Drop In E-Commerce Sales

A new study from shows that nearly 60 percent of online shoppers would make fewer purchases if sales taxes were implemented on the Internet.

Schwab Launches Initiative To Educate Online Traders

In response to the U.S. government's suggestion that online investment firms take responsibility for educating consumers about the benefits and pitfalls of trading stocks on the Internet, Charles Schwab announced today that it will conduct more than 20,000 educational seminars at various Schwab offi...

Clinton Launches Initiative To Bridge Digital Divide

U.S. President Bill Clinton announced Thursday that he will tour 12 U.S. cities that are falling behind in getting their residents connected to the Internet and e-commerce.

Online Privacy Protection Gets International Rules

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a new set of guidelines Thursday that are designed to promote economic growth, trade, and development by improving international consumer confidence in online transactions.

Customer Service Site Looks To New Technology For ‘Answers’

Online customer feedback company unveiled a new service Wednesday that claims to take customer interaction to a new level by learning as it goes.

Canadian Firm Unveils Insurance For E-Shoppers

$ECURE-IT-e, a new service that promises to secure credit card transactions made over the Internet, added a new wrinkle to the e-holiday shopping season by launching its Web site earlier this week.

Study: Western Europe Hungry For All Things Digital

According to a new study by Forrester Research B.V., the Internet's reach in Western Europe will nearly double over the next three years as digital technology becomes more commonplace.

Omnibus Appropriations Bill Holds Hidden Treasures For E-Commerce

Buried in the reams of paper that U.S. President Bill Clinton signed this week to complete the federal budget for fiscal year 2000 are e-commerce-friendly tidbits such as a ban on cyber-squatting and an order to examine the issue further.

ICANN Opens Doors To Volunteers

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced this week that it is accepting volunteers for its Membership Implementation Task Force, which will help establish a membership base from which nine of ICANN's 19 directors are elected. To Sell High Speed Internet Access

In an effort to maximize its customers' ability to download products quickly and efficiently, Internet software retailer (Nasdaq: BYND) will market digital subscriber line (DSL) service from NorthPoint Communications (Nasdaq: NPNT) on its Web site.

AT&T Links Up With College Portal

Telecommunications giant AT&T has signed an agreement with college-oriented Web portal that will market AT&T's communications services to the site's undergraduate and graduate student users.

AT&T Links Up With College Portal

Telecommunications giant AT&T has signed an agreement with college-oriented Web portal that will market AT&T's communications services to the site's undergraduate and graduate student users.

Clinton Directs Government To Evaluate E-Commerce Laws

While the U.S. Congress is away from Capitol Hill for the holidays and pending electronic commerce bills wait at bay, the Clinton Administration has launched a federal, state and local government initiative to evaluate which current laws are e-commerce friendly and which need some tweaking.

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