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King-Size Stock Dive for Saudi Prince

At the beginning of the summer, billionaire Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal jumped into the Internet stock game with a king-size splash.

The Dot-Com Marketing Mirage

This year's Internet cause celebre, the Sock Puppet, goes one better than last year's major ploy, viral marketing.

What Lies Beneath the Web Trademark Cases?

While the rest of the world works on expanding the number of top level domains (TLDs) available, adding dot-travel and dot-sex to dot-com and dot-org, a couple of big-name companies are demanding absolute control of the Web in their own way.

Success Story:

JCPenney is the largest national "three-tailer," utilizing traditional brick-and-mortar stores, catalog operations and the Internet to drive sales of its products. Nielsen//Net Ratings ranked as the top apparel and home site, and a top ten site overall, in May and June 2000.

Back to the Internet’s Future

Back when the Internet was still known as the "Information Superhighway," many pundits predicted that "interactivity" would soon change the way everyday people live.

Toysmart Will Not Sell Customer Names… For Now

Following an uproar over Toysmart's intention to break the privacy promise it made to its customers, the defunct e-tailer has done an about-face, deciding not to sell its database of customer information, after all.

Microsoft Seeks New Venue in Antitrust Appeal

In a brief filed Wednesday with the U.S. Supreme Court, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) urged that its appeal of the antitrust judgment against it be sent back to a lower court. The Redmond, Washington-based software giant prefers that the case be reviewed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Distric...

Galli Leaves Amazon for VerticalNet Post (Nasdaq: AMZN) president and chief operating officer Joseph Galli, Jr., appointed just 13 months ago, has resigned.

After the Toysmart Debacle

Although is now free to sell its online customer database in a bankruptcy asset sale, just who will be willing to step into the harsh limelight surrounding Toysmart's demise and pick up its customer list remains to be seen.

Success Story: Success Story: was launched in September 1995 by Cliff and Lisa Sharples, Jamie O'Neill and Andy Martin with an eye toward creating a virtual store offering a "garden of products, plants, gifts, and services that could grow and bloom on the Internet." The company had its initial public offering in Septe...

Portals Turn Eyeballs into E-Commerce

Portals are increasingly leading their massive audiences to the e-commerce watering hole, according to June ratings just released by Nielsen//NetRatings.

Commit a Cybercrime? You’re Hired!

Because notorious cybercriminal Kevin Mitnick is barred under the terms of his plea agreement from touching a computer -- much less a computer connected to the Internet -- he is going to need some help submitting the online column he has been hired to write for

U.S.-Asian E-Commerce Alive and Clicking

While still facing language and cultural challenges in the international e-commerce arena, Asian e-commerce is set to boom at home, and U.S. companies smelling opportunity are already diving into the region with big-dollar investments.

Red, White and Blue… Sold!

As online shopping rapidly gains acceptance in U.S. society, the auction houses of cyberspace have begun to sell some of the most cherished items of American culture to the highest bidder.

Lands’ End Brings Virtual Swimsuits to the Net

Catalog-and-click retailer Lands' End has introduced a virtual spin to this year's bathing suit shopping season by making its interactive "Personal Model" available to online shoppers who want to see what different swimsuits would look like on their body type.

Trapped on the Web?

Most e-commerce companies, including pure plays and brick-and-clicks, have come to understand that content is King and that product selection is critical. If a site is poorly designed, however, compelling content and a variety of products do not count for much.

Quantum Leap for Internet Movies

The first celebrity-driven film produced exclusively for online distribution made its premiere last week, and the producer says there are no plans to exhibit the film in theatres. "Quantum Project,'' starring British comic actor John Cleese, is available for download from for $3.95 (U...

eToys at the Crossroads

eToys, Inc. (Nasdaq: ETYS) was a nearly ubiquitous presence in the news this week, as the online toy seller launched a splashy, summer-themed marketing campaign in advance of a mixed quarterly report.

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