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E-Sigs Get Widespread Endorsement

No one, including the U.S. government, seems to believe that the government should force Internet companies to use electronic signatures for Internet transactions. But look for the feds and the states to offer private industry strong encouragement to get that transition fully underway.

Giant Purple Gorilla Swings into E-Commerce Jungle

What a giant 40-foot purple gorilla has to do with magazines remains to be seen, but the name of a new online magazine subscription service is at least memorable for those who grew up watching cartoons in the '70s.

FTC Sees Room for Improvement in E-Commerce Sites

The U.S. Department of Commerce wants electronic commerce Web sites to do a better job explaining to consumers who the companies are and reassuring them their online transactions are safe.

Amazon Listening Booth Challenges MP3, Audio 4.0

Music stores have had them for years, and book-music-video-coffee-and-scones stores like Borders have also caught on. They are listening booths, a popular new way to hook audio buyers. So it makes sense that, whose Internet everything store competes with Borders and, would fol...

Congress Looks To Slow Internet Gun Sales

As the U.S. Congress returned to work Monday, gun control legislation topped the House of Representatives' agenda. Several of the measures before the House could have an impact on a growing, though quiet, e-commerce sector: gun and ammo trafficking.

Defense Department Goes E-Commercial

When it comes to the U.S. government's approach to new businesses, the Internet is apparently no different from any other success story.

Microsoft: “Who Needs a PC for E-Commerce?”

With $30 million (US$) to back it up, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is talking TV as its latest target for e-commerce. The Redmond, Washington software giant is investing that money in Wink Communications, Inc. to encourage cable, broadcast and satellite TV viewers to shop while they channel surf. to Make Books On-Demand parent Borders Group, Inc. (NYSE: BGP) plans to buy a stake in books on-demand publisher Sprout, Inc. in a move to distinguish itself and its online store from dominant competitors and

Is Education the Next Online Money-Maker?

The Internet is attracting a growing number of distance learning companies, presenting opportunities for both students and Internet stock hounds. Several public and private education-related companies this week announced plans to expand on the Internet, bringing a variety of services to the thousand...

Yahoo! To Put Internet in Your Hand

Quick, Robin! The Bat-phone! I've got to get on the Internet!

Merrill Lynch Joins Online Trading Party

Hoping to Make up for its late entry into the increasingly crowded online trading world, Wall Street stalwart Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER) announced today plans to offer an array of new personal financial services on the Internet. Coming next month are a selection of personalized services from Merrill ...

E*Trade Adds Banking for $1.8 Billion

With online trading becoming more commonplace, investment services companies are looking for new ways to distinguish themselves from the trading crowd. E*Trade Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGRP) moved a step closer Tuesday with an agreement to buy Telebanc Financial Corp. (Nasdaq: TBFC) for a chunk of stock... Files IPO, Moves to E-Commerce

Though its bread and butter is online insurance quotes, is hoping stock quotes will help it complete its transition from an information site to an e-commerce site.

House Committee Looks to Boost Small Internet Businesses

With less than 2 percent of the 7 million small companies in the United States doing business online, Rep. Jim Talent (R-Missouri) is looking for ways to increase those ranks. Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, Talent pledged at an e-commerce hearing yesterday to take a closer look a...

Post Office Sees Big Online Opportunity

The U.S. Postal Service recently completed tests of two new services to bring regular mail into the electronic world. The services present new ways for the post office to make money off both printed and electronic mail, though the government is pitching them as equally beneficial to businesses.

New York Times Puts Internet Businesses Together

The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) this week signaled its increasing focus on the online world by forming a separate business unit for its more than 50 Internet sites.

Schwab Gets Excited

Investment house Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Monday became the first business to merge an online trading service with an Internet portal and search engine, joining with Excite, Inc. to launch MySchwab.

Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s Engage

Some of the biggest names in shopping, including New York City flagships Bloomingdale's and Macy's, are putting their names behind's new online/offline bridal registry service. The site will combine's own online registry with two online registries and a half doz...

1-800-FLOWERS Files For $150 Million IPO

1-800-FLOWERS took its online flower shop public Friday, filing an initial public offering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise $150 million (US$).

AOL Rebuilds Shopping Center

With nearly 2 million online shoppers visiting America Online (NYSE: AOL) for the first time in the second quarter, the Internet portal and online service company has decided it is time to remodel its stores. The company announced yesterday it will launch a new shopping service this summer called Sh...

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