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AOL Expands Into Web-Access Kiosks

Since some people still insist on going to stores and other public places to take care of their shopping needs, rather than looking online, one of the nation's largest portal companies is taking its services where the people are. America Online Inc. (NYSE: AOL) unveiled a strategic partnership Tuesd...

Legal Super Store Subpoenas Attorneys to Shop Online

Does time spent shopping on the Internet count as billable hours? Attorneys across the country now have a new dilemma to wrestle with as Attorneys Online Inc. debuts its new shopping site, America's Legal Super Store. Attorneys Online, a subsidiary of The Publishing Company of North America Inc. (Na...

New Site Helps Brick-and-Mortars Fight Back

As traditional retailers worry over the question of whether to put their wares online or try to duke it out with online stores the old-fashioned way, is urging them to use the Internet at least as a marketing tool. launched Monday as a resource for people getting re...

Online Food Any Way You Want It

For "wanna-be" chefs looking to skip the prep work, says check the Internet. For those who want even the cooking done for them, says check the newspaper. Today, the two online food services unveiled news ways for the Internet world to satisfy its appetite.

Federal Agencies Issue Warnings About Online Rx Sales

The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission told Congress Friday the dangers of drugs over the Internet currently outweigh the benefits, thanks to the proliferation of hundreds of unregulated drug retail sites. In testimony before the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommi...

Cyber-Squatting Bill Ready for Full Senate Vote

Senate bill S.1255 could go down in history as one of the fastest bills to move through the Senate, but is that a testament to the importance of ending "cyber-squatting" or to the efficiency of a simply worded bill?

House Judiciary Checks Out Cyber-Squatting

Internet domain name registration is getting plenty of attention these days, but it has been primarily focused on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' funding woes and its highly publicized dispute with domain name registrar Network Solutions. Wednesday, the House Judiciary Commi...

New Browser Offers ISPs Money-Making Opportunity

Helping parents police their children's Internet surfing may build goodwill for Internet companies, but says it can also build profits. A large group of Internet companies, including ISPs, portal operators, computer and network designers and others, kicked off its Get Net Wise program...

Red Hat Introduces E-Commerce Server

Red Hat Software, Inc. has announced the availability of its e-commerce Apache Web server, with encryption capabilities and e-commerce software from Hewlett-Packard, among others.

Victoria’s Secret Invites Investors to Get Intimate

Riding a wave of positive publicity for its recent efforts in cyberspace, Victoria's Secret parent company, Intimate Brands, Inc. (NYSE: IBI), is encouraging investors to put their money where their compliments are. Intimate Brands launched IBInvest Direct Wednesday, enabling investors to buy stock ...

Parental Guidance Issue Attracts Internet’s Big Guns

More than a year of saber-rattling by members of Congress, who hold the future of the currently unregulated Internet in their hands, has prompted major Internet companies to make yet another move to demonstrate their own voluntary responsibility for what goes on in cyberspace. Widely publicized effo...

Will Streaming Video Bolster E-Commerce? calls itself a "supplier of advanced Web-hosting services for international clients," but intends to become a revolutionary in the world of online shopping by the end of the summer. Serenades Musicmaker, Rolling Stone

As its debut on the stock market approaches, is stepping up efforts to expand its online music offerings. Through a deal with (Nasdaq: HITS), plans to offer new digital audio downloads from on its Web site. At the same time, has relaunched ...

Microsoft Confronts Security Hole

Another security hole has been identified on the Internet Information server produced by Microsoft. This one, however, is merely a new exploit of an old vulnerability that many online companies have chosen to ignore, according to Microsoft. Acquires UK Web Developer Site Corp. (Nasdaq: INTM), an e-Business and Internet technology network, announced this week the acquisition of United Kingdom-based Web Developers Journal, adding to its offering of resources for Web design professionals.

New Security Tool Aims to Sniff Out Hackers

Independent online security firm and think tank L0pht Heavy Industries has released an advanced intrusion detection program designed to augment computer network integrity and protect systems against attacks from hackers.

Business Search Engine Aims to Take on Lycos and Yahoo!

B2B Explorer, a new search engine aimed at business users, was launched Monday.

Computer Associates Moves On Linux

Computer Associates, Inc. (NYSE: CA) issued a barrage of Linux-related announcements from its CA World 1999 conference in New Orleans this week, including the release of the MasterIT e-commerce/Web Management solution.

ICANN Finds Friends at Congressional Hearing

As House Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee members skeptically questioned the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (ICANN) approach to privatizing domain name registration Thursday, nearly all of the panelists invited to comment said they back ICANN's activities.

Two More Bills Move Through House Subcommittee

House Commerce Committee Chairman Thomas Bliley's (R-Virginia.) 1999 track record for moving e-commerce friendly bills has two new additions. The committee's Finance and Hazardous Materials Subcommittee passed Bliley's electronic signature and information access acts on Wednesday.

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