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Microsoft, Beastie Boys & Launch.Com Offer MP3 Alternative

In what's been called by some industry analysts a score for Microsoft's Audio 4.0, Pop-Rap music group The Beastie Boys has announced the availability of the first of three previously unreleased tracks for secure digital download from Launch.Com (Nasdaq: LAUN).

Dell Expands Linux Offering

Amidst a flurry of moves made by IBM to assert its presence in the expanding Linux operating system (OS) market, Dell Computer (Nasdaq: DELL) this week announced several initiatives with, apparently, much the same intention.

IDC Says Small Business Y2K Spending To Continue

As we inch toward mid-1999, more and more companies are entering a market created to curtail projections for a Y2K computer bug that range from foreseeing a minor glitch to heralding worldwide chaos.

IBM Moves On Linux

IBM (NYSE: IBM) this week disclosed, in a barrage of announcements, collaboration with several key players in the increasingly popular Linux market, taking the open-source operating system (OS) another step towards broader acceptance.

Star Wars Spans the E-Commerce Universe

May the force -- and the hype -- be with you. Pop culture has been jammed with marketing and movie mania as Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace -- a film that has been called the most anticipated in history-- opened in theatres this week. But, if you're looking for an escape, don't go online.

Industry Players Accepting Linux

If recent developments are indicators of the operating system's ability to gain worldwide acceptance, things are looking good for Linux. Caldera Systems, Inc. announced sponsorship and support this week for the Linux Professional Institute's (LPI) exam-based certification program.

IBM Moves On Small Business E-Commerce Solutions

In a move to expand its position as a provider of e-commerce solutions for small to mid-sized companies, IBM (NYSE: IBM) last week announced a new version of its Net.Commerce for AS/400, helping businesses to quickly gain a secure, efficient online presence.

Microsoft Taps Y2K Shaman

In a complementary exchange of announcements aimed at advancing the presence of both companies in the Y2K solutions arena, Microsoft has offered a free 120-day trial of its Systems Management Server (SMS), while Shaman Corp. released information about its Enterprise product's interoperability with S...

Anti-Spam Coalition Site Launched

While the effort to battle unsolicited e-mail ads rages on, a coalition of electronic junk mail opponents and companies has launched the Spam Recycling Center (SRC).

Alliance Offers Gateway To Understanding Y2K

Leading PC manufacturers and technology suppliers announced The PC Y2000 Alliance this week, featuring the launch of a Web portal to provide information regarding Y2K hardware readiness, and to demystify the issue by describing it in non-technical terms.

EU Moves On E-Commerce

The European Union (EU) assembly last week endorsed a proposal drafted by its civil service and executive branch, the European Commission, to regulate and promote e-commerce, including components addressing a range of issues: from cross-border transactions to spam.

Penguin and Linux Taking Center-Stage

For Linux, 1998 was kind of like the year its voice broke. Intensifying media attention propelled Linus Torvalds, its creator, and a host of open-source gurus into the headlines -- alongside the likes of Bill Gates and other industry moguls. Torvalds managed to grab a cover spot on Forbes Magazine, ...

Jerry Garcia Rides Again In Earth Day Internet Auction

Michael Jordan collector card sets, beanie babies, meanie babies, and perhaps the odd antique curio. Such is the image of the burgeoning online auction market. But with that in mind, last Thursday's announcement that a body of Jerry Garcia's original artwork will be auctioned off to benefit the envi...

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