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Cultural Clashes in the Reverse Merger World

While in Manhattan recently, I spoke with several investment bankers and SEC attorneys about the future of reverse mergers and PIPEs. Considering the plight of the economy and the swings in the financial markets, the general consensus was remarkably positive. Reverse mergers have become increasing ...


Going Public Without an IPO: What Can You Afford?

The Investors' and Issuers' Summit on Alternative Capital Raising Strategies Conference recently took place at The Harvard Club in New York. Several companies representing the reverse merger sector attended the Financial Research Associates-sponsored conference, which was geared toward alternative w...


An IPO Alternative: The London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market

The London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market has been a resounding success. There are now more than 1,689 companies on AIM -- more than on the UK's official list. The LSE promotes AIM as the most successful growth market in the world when marketing itself to international companies. Much ...


Reverse Shell Mergers Then and Now: Breaking Records, Gaining Steam

Reverse shell mergers have emerged as the de facto global IPO marketplace for emerging growth companies. Last year, there were 222 completed reverse merger transactions. Collectively, they were valued at $8.36 billion, a 14 percent increase over the previous year. We expect 2008 to show greater inc...


The New IPO Market: Reverse Shell Mergers

The average size raised for an IPO in 2007 was $229 million, according to IPO Home. That translates into a market cap valuation averaging over $1 billion for companies that are going public. The marketplace for IPOs has changed dramatically since 2000, when the Internet IPO frenzy imploded. Since t...

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