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Clustering Alone Does Not a Disaster Recovery Plan Make

Windows OS High Availability is a tricky part of your disaster recovery planning. Many Microsoft and third-Party server tools and platforms come with some form of native HA toolset, and for the larger portion of these, Microsoft Cluster or Failover Clustering are the tool of choice. Enterprises ma...


Technology Is Only Part of Disaster Recovery Planning

As a Disaster Recovery professional, I cannot tell you how many of my clients focus only on the server systems when they do DR planning. Every server must be accounted for, protected, backed up and ready to be brought back online if they lose the physical site that hosts the production system. The...


Getting Realistic About Your Data Recovery Goals

Recovery point objective metrics are commonly defined as how much data a system can afford to lose without endangering business processes. Let's face facts: Some applications require zero-data-loss protection both within one site and between sites. These applications move millions of dollars or pot...


Learning to Love Reasonable Downtime

Working for a disaster recovery solutions designer is often difficult. After being bombarded by ad slogans, magazine articles and just plain life experience, many company executives are looking to achieve a mythical figure for server uptime. Perceived uptime of 99.999 percent -- or "five nines" --...

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