Improved consumer protections are needed to prevent gift card fraud, which bilked Americans for more than US$233 million in 2021 alone, according to a new report by the Center for Data Innovation

TikTok is experimenting with online shops and shoppable videos to enhance the customer experience for engaging in live commerce purchases. The platform last month quietly launched the e-commerce feature in the U.S. via TikTok Shop, enabling shoppers to purchase products directly through the TikTop a...

Retailers must understand the buyers they'll be meeting in the store, online, and over the phone. Each group knows what they want and is not shy about saying when sellers do not meet those expectations

Inflation woes and a looming recession did little to dampen online shoppers’ enthusiasm on Cyber Monday, according to figures released Tuesday by Adobe Analytics, a tracker of seasonal e-commerce activity. Adobe estimates online shoppers spent US$11.3 billion on Cyber Monday, a 5.8 percent inc...

With no centralized auditing system for vendors available within Amazon's inner sanctum, sellers are left to their own resources to seek redress from Amazon's questionable charges. Chargeguard wants to change that inequity

Among the many challenges retailers face, customer-related concerns appear to be the most pressing. The best way forward for retailers is to focus on integration and automation

Marketers looking to expand their customer engagement options could have untapped opportunities with influencers, given that these cohorts can be essential to a successful customer-centric marketing campaign

Spiraling inflation is increasing consumer demand for incentives wherever they shop. So, retailers take note: if you want shoppers to buy your wares, reward them for it

Unlike most of the world, an online retail business never sleeps, which means that the systems powering an online retailer's critical operations can never sleep either. If the organization wants to sell products and meet the needs of customers on a 24-by-7 basis, it's going to need a way to ensure t...

Marketers are paying more attention to presenting potential buyers with a blend of product videos as a model that adopts live commerce goals based on consumer-led and consumer-centric product discovery

What marketers now call shoppable video ads is a new twist on the popularity of social media platforms and their influencer participants. By mimicking that approach with elements of socializing, entertaining, and shopping, online merchants can create new shopping media channels for consumers.

These strategies will increase e-commerce conversion rates during the holiday season, engage customers, and encourage repeat visits and purchases

Is e-commerce declining or fitting in the post-pandemic world? The answer might well depend on how the limits of e-commerce are drawn in the "new normal" business world, as companies balance their e-commerce focus with the reality that customers likely prefer an in-person shopping experience

To discourage customers from asking for refunds, some retailers have resorted to charging a restocking fee to cover the nuisance and increasing costs of product returns

How will consumers react to Apple's WWDC 2023 announcements?
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