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5 Significant Social Commerce Trends in 2022

Before social commerce, brands generated awareness and community-building on social media. The goal was to drive traffic to a third-party web property, such as a Shopify site or an Amazon store. With social commerce, brands can now grow their audience and sell to them on one platform, according to Thibaud Clement, CEO and co-founder of Loomly...


For Brands the Future Is Facebook

In his opening Keynote at F8 2019, Mark Zuckerberg made this statement:"Today, we are going to talk about building a privacy-focused social platform. For a lot of us, the first superpower that the Internet gave us was the ability to connect with the whole world at once. It allowed emerging creators and entrepreneurs to find global audiences . But as our world has expanded, we face a new challenge. We all need to find our place in this much bigger world . It's easier to feel like you belong when you are part of smaller communities amongst your closest friends. So, it's no surprise that the fastest ways that we are all communicating online are private messages in small groups and in stories. So, that's why I believe that the future is private."While this vision includes Facebook's much-anticipated answers to users' concerns in terms of privacy (which are beyond the scope of this article), it also raises new questions for brands and businesses relying on the Facebook ecosystem to generate awareness, drive sales, and provide support to their customers...

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