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Cutting Through the Business-Critical Information Fog

The variety of financial, business and operational risks inherent in the highly competitive global market, as well as the large and continually growing number of cross-industry mandates, governmental regulations and industry-specific regulatory guidelines have significantly impacted how organizations make business-critical decisions. With the rapid advancement in communications and mobile technologies, the "speed of business" is consistently rising.


Gaining an Edge by Converging Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

The acronym GRC (governance, risk and compliance) has become a boardroom buzzword. The reasons? First, there are growing governmental and industry-specific compliance and security regulations. Next, there's the immediate need to effectively manage and mitigate the mounting business and operational risks associated with competing in a complex global market. Traditionally viewed as separate operational silos, organizations are increasingly converging governance, risk management and compliance into an integrated enterprise-spanning framework...

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