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Latest E-Commerce Trend: The Rise of Shoppable Posts

There were 4,521,480,071 Internet users as of Dec. 1, 2019. A month later it was closer to 5 billion users. A decade ago there were fewer than a billion social network users. That's worldwide. That user growth has been a leading indicator of the rise of alternative social networking platforms ...


10 Brand and Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Metrics matter. In business, they measure sales, they measure profits, and they measure brand health. Marketers measure their reputations, their ad recall, and their shares-of-market. They measure tweets and shares and all sorts of social networking outreach. Big Data was invented just to measure all the things marketers have come to measure ...

Emphasizing the ‘Retail’ in the Retail Bank Experience

Umpqua is "feeling around, looking for something that will set them apart," offers Robert Passikoff, president of BrandKeys Inc., a brand engagement consultancy based in New York. However, "if you dress it differently and make it far more experiential, are you going to bond people? No. Will it differentiate you from [a bank that] has lines at the tellers and an inability to get you to an ATM? It goes to the heart of how people plan," Passikoff says...

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