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Web 2.0 Stars Are Aligning: Q&A With Genesys CEO Paul Segre

The difference -- and the point of the new group -- will be an added emphasis on Web 2.0 functionality, according to its president, Paul Segre, who will also continue to lead Genesys as its chief executive ...

The New IT Cocktail: Technology With a Dash of Strategy

It's remarkable that in today's high-tech communications environment, businesses are discovering that many contact centers continue to operate at suboptimal levels. Case in point: One financial services company has managed to turn "press zero to talk to a human" into not just a selling point but a major advertising campaign ...

Genesys Acquires Real Time Capabilities With Informiam Buy

"In customer service, most organizations understand the advantage of having better insights to manage their operations in real time," stated Paul Segre, Genesys CEO "However, these are complex environments where it is difficult to quickly identify problems and potential improv...

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