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Keep Holiday Shoppers Happy, in 3 Easy Steps

This holiday season, everything from Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blasters to Doc McStuffins dolls and even diamond jewelry will be purchased via mobile devices to a greater extent than ever before. In fact, mobile shopping will surpass the growth of all other channels during the upcoming holiday season, eMarketer has predicted, as more and more consumers change they way they purchase gifts.

Bank Internet Links Can Give Hackers Keys to Vaults

"Many banking systems today are connected directly or indirectly to the Internet," Ori Eisen, CEO and founder of 41st Parameter, told TechNewsWorld. "This brings unintentional exposures, which allows criminals to exploit them to their advantage." Given the scale of the global ...


ID Theft Gives Apple Another Security Black Eye

Regardless of where the UDIDs came from or if they're authentic or not, it doesn't appear as if they'll be much value to Net bottom feeders. "With the file that was put on the Internet, there is very little damage that you can create," Ori Eisen, founder the 41st Parameter, a fraud detection company, told TechNewsWorld...

Telltale Signs of E-Commerce Fraud

In a time of economic crisis, there tends to be an increase in the number of people that turn to criminal activity. Although petty crime is usually one area that shows a significant upswing, an additional form of criminal activity on the rise is fraud ...

Old Threats Are New Again: Security Tips for the Holiday Season

Today we have the advantage of staying connected wherever we are, which gives us the convenience of completing our holiday shopping from home or our working space at any time of day. This convenience, however, comes with a price, which can sometimes present itself literally. Cybercrime is prevalent in our daily news; stories that discuss the lack of security or how some fraudster managed to bypass security barriers in place can cause customers to wonder how secure they are when shopping online...

Anti-Phishing Firm Hires Infamous Hacker

The company's patented anti-fraud technology, dubbed TimeDiff Linking, is designed to protect banks against phishing scams and their resultant consumer security problems, online identity theft and fraud. But 41st Parameter CEO Ori Eisen knew banks wouldn't simply take his word for it...

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