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Report: SaaS Benefits Reach Beyond ROI

In a new report by Beagle Research,Managing Principal Denis Pombriant outlines the unintended benefits -- or the applications' intangible strengths -- that SaaS is bringing to customers. The report is based on conversations with CEOs at top SaaS vendors including Zach Nelson, CEO of Netsuite; RightNow's Greg Gianforte; Mike Braun, CEO of IntAcct; Anthony Lye, senior vice president of CRM at Oracle; Brian Zanghi, CEO of Kadient; Michael Torto, CEO of Centive; David Thompson, head of; Marc Benioff of; Mike Bauer of Intacct; and Brian Halpin, vice president and general manager of SageCRM...

Leveraging Sales Compensation to Drive Sales Performance

Sales executives have long embraced the vision of leveraging incentive compensation to drive performance within their sales teams. In this vision commissions are the reward, the proverbial carrot used to motivate reps to achieve and exceed specific revenue and performance metrics. However, the gap between vision and reality is apparently deep and wide...

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