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Is ICANN Cooking Up a Storm?

While it would be difficult to define a single theme of meetings as diverse and sometimes as contentious as the recent ICANN consultation sessions in July in New York and London, the most broadly based concern was clear. ...


The Cure for Social Media Brandjacking

The burgeoning world of social media could be a huge threat to your brand if not managed properly. On the other hand, the world of social media may be the biggest marketing opportunity in years. The difference is all in how proactive you are in protecting yourself by becoming part of the broader social networking community ...

The Sisyphean Struggle Against Piracy on the Web

Protections for both consumers and brand holders vary widely from one e-commerce operation to another, MarkMonitor CEO Frederick Felman told the E-Commerce Times. "You have some sites that are on the leading edge in protection, like eBay and others, who have stringent terms of services and deal with huge retailers."

Bigger Phishers to Fry, Part 2: The Phuture of Phishing

"We have moved from virtually no non-financial targets to 10 percent, which means there is much greater diversity in the targets," Frederick Felman, chief marketing officer for MarkMonitor, told TechNewsWorld. "Last quarter, more than 400 organizations were phished, and 100 of those were new. We've also seen some big consumer-facing SaaS (Software as a Service) providers being hit, from tax preparation and accounting to social networking services."

Bigger Phishers to Fry, Part 1: Calling the Pros

Domain registration tracking alone is a huge task, according to Frederick Felman, chief marketing officer for MarkMonitor, a San Francisco-based brand protection firm. "There are 134 million domain registration record changes or additions every day. One of our hardest jobs is actually maintaining that data. It takes one of the most complex computing systems around," he told TechNewsWorld...

ICANN Axes .XXX Domain

Creating a .xxx domain without the ability to control it would create more problems than it would solve, according to Frederick Felman, CMO of MarkMonitor, a firm that represents brand holders It would create an atmosphere in which large brand holders -- or an institution such...


First State of Spyware Report Shows Bad Guys Winning

Frederick Felman, senior vice president of Marketing for Tenebril, said spyware creators are escalating the war between the writers of malicious code and those trying to remove it. Tenebril, a security and privacy solutions company, markets the anti-spyware software SpyCatcher...


Zone Labs Introduces Security Tool for Instant Messaging

"Instant messaging is quickly becoming a key communication tool, equal in importance to e-mail and the telephone," said Frederick Felman, vice president of marketing at Zone Labs. ...

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