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Streamlined Customer Care with VoIP

Have you ever waited on the line for a customer care representative to help place that very important order right before Christmas, or help you figure out how to resolve a technical issue with your iPod that you're eager to start using? And right when they gave you that special "free shipping" deal, you get some static on the phone. Guess what's next: The call gets dropped -- after 30 minutes of waiting on the line!...


Keep Transactions Flowing Smoothly – Offline and Online

Most of you reading this have spent a significant amount of time building your brand equity through offline channels. Manufacturing goods that appeal to the target audience, marketing through catalogues, ongoing promotions and offers -- all contribute towards creating a strong brand. Moreover, significant due diligence has been conducted to ensure that the offline support staff -- be it store staff or customer service representatives -- has been made available to process all end-user transactions -- purchases, customer queries/complaints etc. -- smoothly and within a reasonable turnaround time...

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