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4 Sales Presentation Innovations That Keep Viewers on the Edge of Their Seats

People have been giving presentations for thousands of years, from Moses with his stone tablets to Elon Musk revealing his grand plans to colonize Mars. While the elements of a great pitchman generally have remained the same over the past 5,000 years -- conviction, charisma, credibility -- today's successful presenters do more than just get in front of an audience and talk. They meld together technology, data, and multimedia to hammer home key talking points that keep viewers engaged throughout...


Ring! Ring! Your Presentation Is Calling, and It Wants an Update

Mobile phones have come a long way since Zack Morris lugged his brick of a cell phone around the halls of Bayside High School in "Saved by the Bell." If Zack had one of today's smartphones, he'd be texting Kelly on WhatsApp, posting pictures of himself and A.C. on Instagram, and trolling Screech on Twitter ...

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